Thread Run Dry.

Well, I was sewing together my strips into big chunks of fabric and I ran out of the thread I was using! Doesn’t do me much good to work on a project and not have the supplies I need before I really tackle it. I guess I wasn’t planning on working on this quilt yet but I’ve hit a stopping point in my baby tumbler quilt because I’m still waiting on the minky backing and three more FQs to come in from


I did however get the fabric and thread I needed for the crib sheets that I’m making for one of my friends! Her baby is going to be one happy baby!


On a non sewing note. The family went out to the lake today and fed some ducks. Haleigh got so upset when she couldn’t catch the ducks. We saw all kinds of wildlife including Wood ducks, Mallard ducks, Geese, Turtles, and Pelicans!


We also rented one of the paddle boats to actually go out on the lake. That was so much fun! I haven’t ever been on one of those things before. Haleigh was having a blast even though she was just added weight on the boat :).Image

Spending time as a family before DH leaves on deployment. šŸ™‚ I hope to get some more done tomorrow!



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