I’m seeing Jungle Animals.

I have been sewing like crazy today! I got those 3 FQs I have been waiting on today. What a Mother’s Day gift huh 🙂 I cut out the remaining tumbler’s needed, totaling 156 of those suckers, and laid them out on the floor. It was near impossible seeing as it was a 12×13 Sudoku puzzle. I’m not very good at those things to begin with so when it all came down to the last part of the layout I just went with what looks good! I don’t think the recipient of the quilt will mind so much since he will be a newborn adorable little baby, but I’ve always been a pretty bad perfectionist.


I’m surprised my husband still asks for my help on projects because I always correct something… He agrees with my adjustments nine out of ten times though.

Anyways, back on the subject of the baby quilt! I worked away all day on sewing the rows and now I’ve sewed about half of the quilt top. It should be ready for basting tomorrow! I’m really excited, I’ve also noticed that my seams are lining up a LOT better than they did with my Cal King quilt. I was going to post a picture of that finished quilt top but I have it saved to my external hard drive so that’s not happening. I also haven’t gotten it quilted yet, and I am not comfortable with quilting it myself. Maybe when I can afford it or if I get better at quilting. It’s scary. I’d rather it get quilted by a long-arm quilter. I’m going to find a snack now, and wish me luck on finishing that quilt top tomorrow. My friend only has ten weeks to go!


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