I would love to start quilting now.

Well Here is a photo from last night (I refused to post on Mother’s Day :)) It is a photo of my most recent endeavors with the baby quilt for my friend. Happy belated Mother’s Day!!


I finished the basting last night but I didn’t get the same batting as my last quilt. This batting I bought is nice and thin like I wanted but it doesn’t baste at all. I attempted to baste with the spray baste and that didn’t stick for long either. So I decided to pin it, which is a difficult thing since I have no safety pins, only my straight pins.

While I was going through the SMS giveaways I came across a giveaway for these. These lovelies are called Pinmoors and they look like a fantastic alternative to using darn safety pins.


They were only around $16.00 with shipping and handling when I chose the mystery color option! They should get here in around 3 days so I can finish quilting the baby quilt without getting stabbed and poked ten million times. Plus I’m hoping it will help me keep the fabric from going crazy when I’m trying to stitch straight, because I won’t be afraid to really handle to quilt.

I have been blog searching today for new things to look at and potential new items to post to this blog. I myself am getting tired of the same thing over and over and over again. 🙂 This is what I found:


A photo a day posting with Fat Mum Slim. As you can see today is Sunrise/Sunset. Since I didn’t find this until after sunrise, I attempted to get a picture of my sunset (It’s Overcast).


Look at the beautiful fence my hubby is making for us! Anyways, time for some t.v.



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